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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Rebuilding a Nepali village, one block at a time

Here is an interesting article about compressed earth blocks and how this technology is helping to rebuild towns in Nepal after the earthquake as well as provide business opportunities for people in Nepal.

Several Bridge to Nepal partners are currently discussing how this technology could be used on current construction projects in Tikapur.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Blankets for Earthquake Victims

Marian deliver blankets and other supplies to families in mountain villages around Kathmandu
Marian recently went to Kathmandu to visit some of the mountain villages most effected by the earthquake. Being from India, Marian is familiar with poverty, but he was not prepared for what he was about to see in these villages. He was greatly effected by the extreme poverty in these places.  These people are truly the poorest of the poor.  Most of them are still living under plastic tents and corrugated metal sheets and suffering greatly. They are getting sick, they have no warm clothes, no medical help and the government is doing nothing to help. We have pledged to provide 500 blankets to help these people survive the winter. Due to the increased demand for blankets in Nepal, and compounded by the current Indian blockade, the prices have skyrocketed.  The cost of a large blanket for one family is $25. Please click here to make a donation to help purchase these blankets (select Earthquake Relief) Thank you.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Nepal Has A New Constitution

Click here to read an article explaining how this may or may not bring political stability to this county.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Political Unrest in Tikapur

With all the political unrest in the area, it's important that we understand the severity and reality of what is going on. Below is an article that was published recently by The Week on the events that are unfolding. The article also gives a short background to reasons behind the unrest. These are difficult times for our friends in Nepal, and we ask for prayer for them and all others caught up in the middle of this political strife.
Protesters clash with authorities (Photo Credit)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Kathmandu: Tent City

With the magnificence of the Himalayas as a backdrop, the bustling city of Kathmandu has always been known for its allure to tourists, trekkers and those searching for a better understanding of the culture of Nepal.

In the aftermath of the earthquake, Kathmandu has a new identity, that of a tent city. This video, shot just a few days ago, shows the new Kathmandu, a city of rubble and ruin where people are now living on the sidewalks under tarps held up by ropes. Some have no homes to return to, others are just afraid to return home as strong aftershocks continue to rumble through the region.

Madan posted on his Facebook page last week "5.0 Richter scale earthquakes are just normal for us now."

CLICK HERE to make a donation to earthquake relief efforts by Bridge to Nepal.

Tent cities have popped up in open green spaces all over the city. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Another Relief Mission: Your Donations in Action

Today the team delivered relief aid to 50 families from the villages of Sankhu, Changu and Sundarijal in the Bhaktapur district.

This is the translation of the video above:
"God bless you and thank you for this help. We are from Changu in the Bhaktpur district mountain area. It takes us one hour by bus to get here. We hope we find a bus to get back today otherwise we will have to walk. We lost everything from the earthquake. We have nothing left."

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