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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Living Water Treatment Systems

The shallow well water at Grace School, AshaNagar and ViswasNagar, is not safe for consumption. Samples taken in April 2008 from several wells showed high levels of arsenic and e. coli bacteria (above) After the September 2008 floods, when large areas of Nepal were covered with water, the problems worsened. At ViswasNagar, Rajkumari (12) was hospitalized after vomiting blood. She was back home in a few days, but will not stay healthy without clean water.

In October 2008, we obtained five Living Water Treatment Systems from Water Missions International (WMI) in Charleston, SC. Responding to the emergency needs caused by the floods, FedEx shipped the systems to Delhi, India at no charge to us. It took over $10,000 of customs duties to clear the machines, and then another two months of paper chasing before four of the machines were cleared into Nepal in mid-January 2009.

They will be installed at Grace School, ViswasNagar, Kichahi, and Khalladahe.

Mark M trained with WMI in Sri Lanka, and James N trained in Charleston, SC. Together they were able to install two machines at Grace School and ViswasNagar, with Prem from Kichahi watching intently, so that he can do the remaining units. (below)