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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Floods in PremNagar and Simrahine: August 2009

PremNagar is not far from the Karnali river. In 2007 and 2008, the annual floods were called “one in a hundred year” events. Water entered PremNagar, but it did not enter the old school, so the school was a shelter for many who got flooded out of their homes.

2009 was a dry year, with the monsoon very much below normal. On August 17, the Karnali rose, and this time even the old school had a foot of water in it. The rest of PremNagar did not do well, with all food and many clothes and provisions lost. A layer of mud covered everything. A water buffalo drifted away, but was found 500 meters away.

Food is often stored in houses in large clay urns. This protects the food from insects and vermin. But water damaged these containers and destroyed the food supplies.

The inside of homes damaged from the flood

Buildings were damaged on the outside as well
Water covers the floors inside the classroom at PremNagar

Food containers were damaged and the food spoiled
The Tikapur church started relief efforts. We were able to use school funds already in Nepal to buy food and get PremNagar families some immediate help in addition to the one kilogram of food given by the government.

Distribution of food by the church at Tikapur

Smiles in the midst of hardship

Simrahine is a village 10 kilometers from Tikapur. The river destroyed much of the village of 24 families, most of whom are Christians. One 60 year old man died. The village also lost a goat and water buffaloes, and the people had to live under trees for shelter.

The Good News Church in Goa, India has raised and sent funds for immediate relief in Simrahine.

The village of Simrahine ravaged by flooding

Collapsed homes in Simrahine

This goat was lost in the flood

The villagers of Simrahine

Villagers work to salvage their food, drying it in the sun