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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

An amazing story about ex-slave Lautan Chaudhary Dangora

Lautan Chaudhary Dangora had been a slave since his childhood. His mother and father born and died in slavery and all his brothers were slaves. In 1998, Marian released him from slavery by paying Rs.35, 000 ($450) He was one of the Kamaiyas with the largest amount of debt. After he was freed from his debt, he gave his life to Jesus. He got married and now has 2 children. Lautan is now a regular member of the church in Tikapur and faithfully tithes He is a huge blessing and encouragement to the church there.

Lautan is a hard working and industrious man. He works as a rickshaw driver, tractor driver, cement mixer and among other things. He recently bought land in Tikapur and is earning nearly Rs.5000 ($64)a month.