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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Testimonies from Nepal Service Team Members May 2009

Thoughts from Jasmine Yap...
My experience in Nepal was truly memorable. To see people drink fresh, clean water for the very first time was just amazing. It was a privilege to serve these people through training the teachers and teaching the children. Two things struck me. First, the strong faith of these people is astounding. Hinduism is the main religion there, and Christians in Nepal risk persecution and abandonment by their families. They are willing to “risk it all” for their faith and belief in Jesus. It is amazing to see God working in this mostly Hindu nation and growing his kingdom there. Second, these people have such a strong reliance on God, even for the most basic needs like food and water. In our American society, it is so easy to become fully self-reliant and feel like you don’t need God. Being with these Nepali people reminded me that all provision comes from God.

Memories from Lauren Meisel...
Waking up to the sound of the bleating goats and then a cup of tea. Wishing and hoping for steady electricity through the night so that the fan would keep running. The children, so amazingly patient with our feeble attempts to teach them English. They listened so intently to our songs. Or maybe they were just humoring us, I’m not sure. The village women, curious about what we were doing but shy at the same time, as we installed the water filter. Wanting to connect with them, but not knowing how. The bright colors of the women’s clothing. Praising God through song in the car with Parsu. The incredible hospitality. The faith of so many. Willing to give up their families for Jesus. The desperate cries for healing from the Lord. The little one who held my hand.
The joy over seeing themselves in the camera display. Walking with Vasanti and hearing her tell the children about Jesus.
Being able to give people clean water. Eating vegetables fresh from the garden and drinking fresh buffalo milk. The heat. The stares. The joy and fervor as they praised God. The many flowers the children gave us at each school. The patience of the teachers as we tried to explain English grammar and correct their pronunciation. The joy the teachers had as the used the computers. The amazing food the sisters cooked for us.
The way my view of God has been forever expanded.