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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

UNH Students Get Involved

Several student groups at UNH including Chi Alpha student ministries, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, and Christian Impact have joined together to raise money to purchase a water filtration system to help Marian’s efforts in Nepal and to build a relationship between a village in Nepal and the UNH community.

During the fall semester at UNH several fundraising events have been hosted to benefit “Project Nepal” at UNH including:

A lemonade giveaway – to call attention to the fact that not everyone in the world has water to drink and how we are blessed to have water to drink in abundance students gave away small cups of lemonade, explained their efforts to provide a filtration system to a Nepali village, and asked for donations. Over 15 students came together in one of the busiest spots on campus – outside the library – to giveaway lemonade and raise awareness. A water filtration system provided by Turbocam was brought to give a visual and draw attention.

A booth at a Football Game – on Community Weekend, several students from Chi Alpha and Christian Impact set up a table outside the field during a football game. The filtration system was brought again and students set up posters with information about Nepal, Marian’s work, and the need for clean water. Fliers were handed out about “Project Nepal’s” upcoming events, and donations were collected. The football game gave Project Nepal an opportunity to reach more than just UNH students but parents, alumni, and the greater community.

Dorm Penny Wars – Project Nepal was the official charity for the penny war dorm event in the South East Residential Complex at UNH. Floors competed against each other to raise the most money in their ‘Penny Jars”, with silver coins and paper money counting put in opponents jars counting negative against their pennies. All of the money raised was donated toward the water filtration system.

A Coffee House/ Benefit Show – The last event of the semester put on by Project Nepal was a Benefit Show. Two local bands, Geoff Useless and East Maggie, played a show in the Lighthouse with all benefits going toward the water filtration system. At the show an announcement was made about Project Nepal and a there was a table with the handmade Christmas cards from Nepal for sale.