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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New School for PremNagar

The children of PremNagar tour the location where their new school will be built

The current PremNagar School currently runs six classes, and has been compromised by a small amount of government funding, and influence of Maoists. This explains its lack of standards, accountability and achievement. The new school will be completely private, and the decrepit old school, with three government-paid teachers, will be reduced to preschool and Grades 1-2 or allowed to close altogether, unless political influences keep it open. The first four classrooms of the new school are planned to be ready for January 2011. About 150 children attended the PremNagar school, but some have drifted away in recent years as the facility got overcrowded and the government influence increased.
The new school will have eight classrooms, for grades 3 to 10. Like the Grace School, built in 2008, the school will be in the shape of a cross, with two smaller rooms each on the left and right, four larger rooms on the vertical, and a library and teachers room on the top. The piece of land that comprises PremNagar 2 is about 4 acres at a slightly higher elevation than the rest of PremNagar. Ten lots are on one side, and the school land is on the other. The school area will be walled, keeping out roaming animals, and the occasional flood waters. A toilet block will be closest to the residential lots, and a well will be dug on the other side, furthest from the toilets. Water from the well will be pumped to a gravity tank, and run through a chlorinator and filter, then fed to the school toilets as well as the house lots in PremNagar. This school is only 2 miles from the guest house on a newly paved road, so it will be convenient for volunteers to teach here.
The first part of all construction is bringing in the supplies: stones are trucked from the bed of the Karnali River, then broken by hand. Sand, too, comes from the river bed. Only cement has to come from outside the community.
Breaking stones for concrete at the new PremNagar school building site

Plans for the foundation are laid

Villagers help with the construction of the new school (August 2010)