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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Orphan Bunk Bed Project

On the next team trip to Nepal in January 2011 some of the team will be working on building new bunk beds for the orphanage run by Parsu and Bhawani in Tikapur, Nepal. There are currently 15 girls who live in an orphanage room that is only 23ft by 15ft (see photos). The goal of building the bunk beds is to allow them to more easily accommodate up to 16 children, but also to provide improved personal space and storage for each child and to make it more like a home. Currently we are developing the plans and putting together the list of materials needed to complete the bunkbeds. Even the pillows and mattresses will need to be made.  Your gift will go a long way in significantly improving the life of these children in the orphanage who desperately need more new beds and more space. If you would like to donate online go to: . If you would like to donate offline with check, please contact Jason at