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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Service Team Trip May-June 2010

Our trip to Nepal in May-June 2010 included Natalie Bujeaud, Susanna Groen, Marcus Mann, Daniel Noronha, and Marian Noronha from America. Joining us from India were Duncan and Vasanti Watkinson from Bangalore, and Sydney Gracias from Turbocam in Goa.

Susanna returned for her second May trip to Nepal. She and Natalie spent most of their time teaching in Grace School (below) and PremNagar School.Daniel was there to follow up on medical needs, school needs, and micro loans. He also spent some time in the village of ShivaNagar, another former slave community in Tikapur. Duncan and Vasanti traveled on to Pokhara for a few days to serve there at a church. Marcus (photo below) studied the economic needs of the communities, getting a baseline for the height and weight of the kids, along with their current levels of nutrition. His goal was to collect data and prepare for college interns to spend extended periods of time in Tikapur. Sydney spent most of his time in the villages near Dhangarhi, getting the water systems working, installing pumps and the pipeline to Kichahi. (see post 9/29 UPDATE:Kichahi Pipeline Completed June 2010). A freak gust of wind had knocked out the roof and walls on the LWTS (Living Water Treatment System) installed the previous May in Khalladahe, so Sydney had to improvise solutions for that unit as well. By the end of the trip, the LWTS at Khalladahe was operational and water was flowing through the Kichahi pipeline.