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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Little Harbor School T-Shirt Drive

Many fourth graders at Little Harbor School in Portsmouth, NH have been writing letters back and forth to students at Grace School for the past couple of years. In 2009, one classroom filled a bank with change to put towards the cost of buying a water buffalo for a Nepali family. This year they asked "What can we collect to send to Nepal?" Actually, most things can be purchased there for less money then we can buy them for here. In addition, the cost of getting things there can be quite high. However, quality can sometimes be inferior, especially on something like cotton t-shirts. In May of 2010, 4th graders at Little Harbor School organized a t-shirt drive and collected over 150lbs of gently worn t-shirts. These shirts were sent over with three members of the May 2010 service team in huge duffle bags. The $50 cost of paying for an extra bag to bring on the plane was well worth it, as there were hundreds of shirts in each bag. Since most kids play town sports in Portsmouth, many Portsmouth Rec Department t-shirts in various colors and sizes were collected. It looks like the Portsmouth Rec Department has a few teams of kids in Tikapur now as well!