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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sharing The Birth Of Jesus With Thousands!

The children at Karnaleshower School in Badipid Basti learn the true meaning of Christmas 
In December 2010, we had the opportunity to share the Christmas story with over 1720 children and their families at 7 school Christmas programs. The Nepali government made Christmas a holiday this year and our leaders on the ground received many requests from schools to come and do Christmas programs for them.   It was a wonderful opportunity to share the meaning of Christmas with these extremely poor, ex-slave families from the Tharu tribe, who are 90% Hindu and discriminated against by the higher casts in Nepali society.  Thanks to the generous donations of many people, each child received a Christmas card, a snack and a gift. More importantly, they got to hear about the birth of Jesus and why He came to this earth.

350 people came to the Christmas program at PremNagar School
We are praying that the Lord will open up the doors to do 50 of these school programs next Christmas.  This is such a unique opportunity to spread the Good News of the Gospel with thousands of children and their families.  If you would like to make a donation to help with this initiative for 2011, please contact us at

Listening to the Gospel at BijayaNagar School
Celebrating Christmas at Grace School

Joyti School Christmas Program

Children excitedly show off their Christmas cards at New Balchaur School

Dancing at Gyani School