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Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Container School for Shiv Nagar

Cargo of Dreams container school at Stoneybrooke Christian School in Southern CA
 Cargo of Dreams has partnered with Stoneybrooke Christian School to bring a new container school to ShivNagar. This community of 400-500 former slave families is on the outskirts of Tikapur. Stoneybrooke Christian School is located in Southern CA. They have made this a school wide mission project. Click here to read about the wonderful community support the Stoneybrooke students, faculty, staff and parents have given to this project.

The container is slated to ship sometime this fall. Once it reaches Nepal, it will have to clear customs and be transported to its final destination. This is no small task. Please pray for all of the details of this effort to bless the families of ShivNagar.