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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Land For The New Orphanage

Plans have been in the works for a while to build a new orphanage, but the question of where to build it was still up in the air.  There was a perfect piece of land, but it was not for sale.  Many people prayed for this land and one day the owner decided to sell it! In August, the land was purchased just a few houses down from the existing orphanage and site work will soon begin on the new Tikapur Children's Home.  The new building will house up to 44 children. Jason Corbin will be taking a team to Nepal in early February.  They will checkout the early phases of construction, "get their hands dirty" with a few projects, and spend time tutoring the kids at the orphanage in math and English.  They are also planning to do outreach to local communities and villages.

Future site of the new Tikapur Children's Home