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Monday, January 21, 2013

From New York To Nepal by Mark Schilling

In January 2013,  six members of Redeemer Church, in Utica NY,  had the privilege of traveling to Nepal to be a part of the great work there.

It goes without saying that getting there is an adventure in and of itself. After 15 hours in the air and 20 hours in the car we finally arrived. We were greeted by our host at the India/Nepal border who led us into Dhangadhi for a couple of days of ministry there. We had the chance to visit and teach in one of the schools there as well as minister in one of the churches. It was a great honor!

After our time in Dhangadhi we traveled on to Tikapur for a whirlwind tour of the churches and schools in the area. While in that area we had the chance to minister in six churches and one school. Each member of our team had their chance to share in one of the churches. One of the ways we had the chance to share Christ's love was in the giving of coats and hats to some of the widows in that area. There were over 40 widows that we had the chance to bless and it was indeed a blessing to us as well. Many of these precious widows had lost their husbands in the civil war less than a decade ago. Over a 1000 people heard the message of hope in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Hundreds made the decision to give their lives to Him. In addition to all of this we had the privilege to pray for hundreds of sick people and to join our faith with theirs as they looked to God for a miracle.

We are thankful to God for a safe and fruitful trip. We are also thankful for the kindness and hospitality shown to us by so many on our journey. Most of all, we were so blessed to see the strength of the schools and churches we visited and privileged to spend time with the wonderful people there!