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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

2012 School Christmas Programs

Thank you very much for your prayers and partnership for the 2012 School Christmas Programs.

God has given us a vision, a passion and a heart for children. Without reaching children we cannot reach this nation because today’s children are the future leaders of our nation and our churches. Two years ago, the government made Christmas a national holiday so this is a good chance for us to share the Christmas story in the local schools. We have never had this opportunity before.

Clutching her Christmas booklet
By God’s grace we were able to make difference in the life of 50,000 children, 2,000 teachers and 5,000 parents through this program in 2012. More than 200 churches were able to build good relationships with local schools and communities. They are continuously giving follow-up classes to those who responded to the gospel. Before this program, most of the churches were focused internally, but this program has given them the opportunity to go outside and work with the community .

One of the Pastors said “Nobody knew me before except some Christian people. But after this School Christmas Program, most of the community people knew about me and our church and whenever they see me they always greet me and gave invitation to do more programs in the school and communities. Our church has also increased in number because of this program.”
Mahendranagar Ma Vi School in Kanchanpur
Please continuously pray for us  as we need your prayer, support and partnership for 2013 School Christmas Programs also.
Nepali students reading the story of Jesus
For 2013, we are praying and planning to do School Christmas Programs in 500 schools among 100,000 students, 5,000 teachers and10,000 parents. Let’s pray and join together to make a difference in the lives of children, teachers and parents and expand the kingdom of God in our country through reaching out children.

Temple School in Kanchanpur
NabaJoty Public School in Bardiya
Janata Ni Ma Vi School in Jajarkot
Sarada Primary School in Salyan

Deepshiekha Hi Sec Boarding School in Dang