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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

From Stoneybrooke Christian School to ShivaNagar: The Container School Arrives!

Students at Stoneybrooke Christian School in CA

After over two years of fundraising, preparing, praying and waiting, we are thrilled to report that the container school sponsored by Stoneybrooke Christian School and Cargo of Dreams has reached ShivaNagar!  

Students at Joyti School in ShivaNagar
This was no small task and it took the hand of God for all the pieces to fall into place.  A team of 10 people went to Nepal in April 2013 to install the containers in their final location. This involved putting up the roof, and cutting holes for the doors and windows. Inside the container there were two playgrounds provided by Kids Around the World.  One playground was installed nearby and the other one went on to a village near Kathmandu. Many of the team members from Kids Around the World assisted with the container installation at ShivaNagar.  The whole community waited for hours in the hot sun to watch the containers arrive and they assisted with loading them off the truck with "Egyptian pyramid building techniques" (to quote one team member). This new container school will add additional capacity to the already existing Joyti School which has about 100 students.  ShivaNagar is an extremely poor community of former slaves in Far West Nepal.

Students have a bake sale to raise funds

Filling the container with supplies

The Stoneybrooke Community gathered for a prayerful send off before the container left the states

After waiting in the hot sun for hours, the villagers were thrilled to see their new school arrive

The whole community pitched in to help with unloading the container

The US service team and their new friends in Nepal