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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

2013 Flood Relief Efforts by Madan

Thanks for your prayer and support for flood affected people. We able to provide flood relief in eight villages (Premnager, Saipur, Uchha Saipur, Sati, Simrahani, Daulatpur Ghat, Rani Kula, Karmi Danda). All together, we have provided relief for 800 flood affected families in these villages so far.
It was a great blessing to work with you for these flood affected people. They were really touched by our love and relief. We were able to pray and share gospel with them.

Distributing relief supplies in the villages
In one place called Daulatpur ghat, five houses was washed way. Food, clothes, money, kitchen stuff every things gone except themselves with only clothes. They were asking food at village and living in other people house. They were crying when we were there to help in that situation. We gave them Rice 20kg, Lintel 2kg, salt 1kg, cooking oil 1kg, water bucket, jug, clothes, and utensil and tent. They were so thankful and touched by what we did.

In Simrahani, we meet a 70 year old women. She have only one disable son. Her small house, food, clothes and everything was washed away  in front of her eyes. She was crying and trying to jump onto the water so all her problem will be solve. Her neighbor, a member of our branch church in Simrahani, saved her and her disable son. While we were there for relief she comes to us. We prayed for her and her son. We gave her flood relief. Now Simrahani Church is taking care of her and disable son.

We thank God for giving us this opportunity to be a part of their life. Thank you very much for your help.

Bini, a leader from  the Simrahani Church with the 70 year old woman mentioned in the story above
Today I preach at our Tikapur Church and challenge them to help these flood affected people, Praise God! We able to raise some money and gather some clothes. I believe that there will be some more things are coming. God has given me burden to help theses hopeless and helpless families who lost everything in flood. We found out there are 167 family all together who lost house and everything’s in the flood. We are praying and really want to help these families.  Please continuously pray and let us know if you have some fund to help them. It will be really great blessing for these families. We want to share God's love and gospel through flood relief.

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