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Monday, April 27, 2015

Earthquake Update

Children from the Tikapur Children's Home sleeping out doors
The death toll in Nepal has risen to over 3,700 and keeps climbing.  The epicenter of the quake was in a mountainous region and rescue workers are still trying to reach that area. People across the country have been sleeping in the streets, afraid to return to their homes due to the many after shocks.  In Kathmandu the situation continues to deteriorate.  People are living in the streets with limited access to food, water or sanitation facilities. The banks and markets are all closed. The search and rescue efforts continue. 

There are reports of contaminated water sources all over the country, and many people are getting sick.  Others have reported feeling sick, dizzy and nauseous as there are many gasses being released into the atmosphere from all the aftershocks.  The weather has not made things any easier.  It is cold and raining in many places.

We are currently working with Water Missions International to assist them in getting several portable water systems into the country.  CLICK HERE to read more about the Living Water Treatment Systems from Water Missions International.

We continue to assess how ministry partners in the area have been affected and how we can help them with clean drinking water, food and shelter. In one church outside of Kathmandu, the pastor and his son were killed and 30 church members are still unaccounted for. 

Please consider making a donation to this relief effort. The need will far surpass our resources, but every bit will help. CLICK HERE to make a donation.

Please continue to pray for the people of Nepal during this tragic time.