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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Emergency Aid Reaches the Gorkha District

Helping get the relief truck up the hill
Yesterday our team reached the mountain village of Finam in the Gorkha district with relief supplies. This district is at the epicenter of the quake zone and because of its location in the mountains, it is the hardest to reach. Most of the homes there have collapsed.  People are living outside and food is very scarce. When the team started handing out noodles and clothes to the kids, the kids were fighting with each other trying to get the food. This is the first relief aid to make it to these people.  The people were so thankful to our team that they were in tears. Our team spent the night there and experienced two strong aftershocks that were both more than 5.0 on the Richter scale. Today the team headed to a Muslim village in the same area to bring relief supplies to them.  

Here is a video of one our team members narrating as he walks through the village of Finam.  See translation below:

"Now we are in Gorkha Nareshower. All the houses in the community have collapsed.  They don't have a place to stay. It's raining and condition of these houses are very bad, Last night and this morning there were two earthquakes. Because of these  two earthquakes, the damage has increased. People are worried and scared. The situation of this place is very, very bad and getting worse. The rain is still falling.  The villagers are living in small temporary houses"

Large aid organizations from all over the world are starting to arrive in Kathmandu, but most of them are focused on the city. There is no one focused on helping the people of these remote mountain communities at this time except groups like us. Please consider making a donation to help the relief efforts for the poorest of the poor in Nepal.  Thank you for your prayers and support.  To make a donation, please CLICK HERE

Relief supplies are unloaded
One of many destroyed homes in the village of Finam
Tarps provide shelter from the rain

Finam villagers
Children from the village of Finam

A woman collects relief supplies