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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Relief Aid Headed to Epicenter in Gorkha District

Supplies loaded at Butwal en route to the Gorkha District
As of 3 p.m. today Nepal time, the death toll had surpassed 5,000 people with another 8,000 people injured.  Madan has prepared the first delivery of relief supplies and is heading into the heart of the disaster -- the Gorkha District -- with food, water and tents.  In the village he is trying to reach, there are only four houses still standing and the smell is increasing from dead bodies that have not been recovered.

A larger truck will go tomorrow with supplies for 600 people. It has been raining on and off making the travel more difficult. The roads are starting to get very congested as more relief organizations are mobilize.

Please pray that the team can get to the village to deliver these supplies and help the desperate survivors. Thank you to all who have contributed financially so far to make this relief operation possible. The need is overwhelming.

If you would like to make a donation to the relief effort please CLICK HERE.