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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Another Major Earthquake Rocks Kathmandu

More destruction in Bhaktapur
Yesterday, another 7.4 magnitude earthquake struck the Kathmandu area. At least 65 people were killed in Nepal and another 1900 were injured.  There are also reports of casualties in India and China. The quake triggered many landslides blocking the roads and complicating relief efforts. Already fragile buildings were furthered compromised.  A hospital in Kathmandu collapsed leaving some people trapped  (see video below)

In the three hours after the quake, there were more than six after shocks measuring between 4-6 on the richter scale.
In spite of this dangerous situation, our team continued to distribute aid late into the night to students in Kapan and people in Koteshower. Today they returned to Bhaktpur with food and shelter for another 100 families.
The generosity of so many people is making these relief missions possible and for that we are incredibly grateful.
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Helping people in Bhaktapur
Smiles in the midst of hardship
Giving tents to students in Kapan
Back to sleeping outside for Madan, yet he manages to smile in spite of how exhausted he is