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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Assessing Water Needs in Gorkha and Dhanding

Tim Darms from Water Missions International tests a
water source in the Gorkha district 

Today, Madan returned to Gorkha and Dhading with two staff members from Water Missions International (WMI) to assess the water needs in several villages. The first shipment of equipment from WMI is scheduled to land in Kathmandu on Tuesday. We are thankful to be partnering with WMI in this effort.

Another team distributed relief supplies to 191 families in six villages. More details and photos on that relief distribution will follow.
In other news:
  • The death toll in Nepal has reached over 7,400 and another 14,000 are reported injured. But there was a little bit of good news today when a 101-year-old man was pulled from the rubble alive in the Nuwakot district, just northwest of Kathmandu providing a glimmer of hope for rescue workers that there are still survivors to be found.
  • Today, the airport in Kathmandu stopped allowing large jets to land due to damage to the runway. The airport is dealing with three times the amount of traffic it usually has, and the runway has developed cracks and potholes.  Small and medium jets are still being allowed to land.
  • Aid supplies are piling up at the airport instead of being distributed to those in need. The UN has asked the Nepali government to loosen its customs restrictions to allow aid to flow more freely into Nepal.
  • Remote mountain villages still remain mostly unreached. One problem is the lack of trucks and helicopters.
  • Yesterday, there was another strong aftershock in the Gorkha district that killed 20 more people. 

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